Bart Gunderson Art and Design



           West Shore Inter-Continental Hotel Tampa Florida

27 Abstracts for the lobby of new hotel by Barton Frank Gunderson copyright 2009

                Here are a few examples of the massive project!

Encaustic Painting "Melted Pigmented Wax" on panel 62" by 80"  encaustic BFG 2009

Encaustic Painting "Boat and Bottles" Tampa Florida  / CLOSE UP

Encounter "Encaustic and Oil" on panel 90" by 90" BFG 2009


The Deep "Encaustic and Oil" on panel 80" by 50" BFG 2009

Star Fish "Charcoal Airbrushed" on panel 40" by 40" BFG 2009

Space and Water "Acrylic Airbrushed" on canvas 38" by 38" BFG 2009