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Mr. and Mrs. Naperville

Harold and Margaret Moser 'THE SCULPTURE"

Commissioned  by: The Century Walk Corporation, The City of Naperville and the Mayors Office (Mayor George Pradel)

Sculpture Description: Sculpted in chavant clay to be Bronzed

The Sculpture is a tribute to Harold and Margaret Moser, of Naperville Illinois.  Moser Lumber was a successful lumber business in Naperville Illinois.

Harold Moser, helped create one out of every two homes built with in the town, and three golf courses.

This sculpture is a dedication to his driving spirit and a monument for all his accomplishments and generosity.  The name Mr.Naperville was given to him by committee.  His donation of land to the Catholic Church and his monetary donation's to the College and City were extrordinary.

Sculpture Dimensions: 7 feet Tall / Four Feet Wide / Four Feet Depth approximate Bronzed weight (800LBS.)

Dedication: The Century Walk Corporation, The Mayors Office and City Council, The River Walk Commission, The Naperville Carillon Comittee, The Naperville Municipal Band and 300 guest on  May 3, 2009

Placement of Sculpture:  200 yards east of the Carillon on the River Walk (Directly Across from Naperville Central High School)


                            7 Feet Tall  / 500 LBS of raw Chavant clay / 6 Months to sculpt                      

            Clay Sculpture before going to Foundry / Fedde Bronze Works in Denver Colorado

Bronze Complete on Site at the Moser Tower / photo by Greg Bond

Moser Tower sculpture to the right (dedication day May 5,2009) photo by Greg Bond

Dedication Plaque photo by Greg Bond

Proof of Artist Scuplt / photo by Greg Bond